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Finally, cheeseburgers are incapable of telling lies or hurting you. On the flip side, they can still Rick Roll you.

What People Are Saying

Let us wax poetic about the beauty of the cheeseburger. The flavour gracefully dances across your palate like a majestic figure skater on ice. What they say about. Curabitur ullamcorper ultricies!
Marvin Turner
The cheese melts on the burger and in your mouth, perfectly complementing the medium-rare beef. Any burger lover worth their salt knows the best patty is comprised of ground chuck and brisket.
Timothy Jacobs
Whether you’re a ketchup and mustard loyalist or you prefer house sauce to no sauce, you can agree that every cheeseburger has it’s own special flair.
It's delicious!
Janyce Penrod